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Clean Your 30 and 55 Gallon Drums in Minutes!

Often used to store and ship dangerous liquids and powders, 30 and 55 gallon drums must be efficiently and effectively cleaned to avoid contamination and spoilage. Drum cleaning must be performed quickly, and with as little manpower as possible so companies can spend less time cleaning and more time producing.


Say good-bye to costly and time-consuming outsourcing. Cleaning can be done effectively and efficiently with the Alfa Laval GJ DB which offers 100% guaranteed cleaning that ensures the entire drum interior is thoroughly cleaned, while utilizing the least amount of time, energy, chemicals, and water.


This device combines rotary jet head cleaning technology with integrated vacuum extraction, which allows drums without drains to be easily cleaned and emptied from the top, through a 2" or larger bung.


The Alfa Laval GJ DB is designed for operation at flow rates as low as 3 gallons per minute. Unlike other rotary jet head, the unit applies 100% of the water flow to cleaning - not in powering the unit itself. With a single insertion of the easy-to-handle unit, 100% cleaning effectiveness is assured, along with complete liquid extraction.




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• Fast: Cleans any drum in 2-3 minutes
• Cleans the entire drum, top and corners
• Versatile, cleans a variety of residues
• Quick ROI


55 Gallon Drums
30 Gallon Drums
In all industries


Paints, adhesives, chemicals
Petroleum products
Food and beverages products and ingredients
Pharmaceutical products and ingredients
Personal care products and ingredients products
...and many more


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