Brewing is your art, tank cleaning is ours.

The quality of your product is paramount, bottom line. But so is running a clean and safe operation, reducing water and chemical usage, and of course maintaining productivity. Let us help you reach your goals with our patented rotary impingement tank cleaning machines. The brewing industry is what got Gamajet started, and we remain committed to the industry. Our machines will ensure that all of your tanks are clean, from top to bottom, ultimately providing better beer for your customers.

Our commitment continues with our new Burst Clean technology available on the Toftejorg TZ 74 device. Until now, burst cleaning has been limited to spray ball technology. Now, the combination of burst cleaning with rotary impingement technology is designed to save brewers significant amounts of time and money. By eliminating the pre-rinse cycle of the cleaning process, time and caustic usage are dramatically reduced.


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Anheuser-Busch InBev
Brick Brewing Company
Budweiser Wuhan International Brewing Company
City Brewing
High Falls Brewing Company
Labatt Brewing
Minnesota Brewing Company

Molson-Coors Canada
Pabst Brewing Company
Rahr Malting Company
Sam Adams Brewing Company
Straub Brewery
Stroh Brewery Company




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Stop spoilage and cross contamination
Reduce water and chemical usage
Decrease cleaning time
Eliminate confined space entry


Brew Kettles
Hop Strainers
Mash Tanks
Malt Facilities
Exhaust Stacks
Hot Wort Receivers
Schoene Tanks
Filter Tanks
Totes and IBC’s




Gamajet EZ-8
Gamajet IV
Gamajet PowerFLEX
Gamajet IX
Alfa Laval Toftejorg TZ-74
Alfa Laval Sanimidget SB/3-A
Alfa Laval Sanimagnum SB/3-A
Alfa Laval Sanimega SB/3-A
Alfa Laval Rotacheck


Gamajet GentleJET Toftejorg TZ-74 Toftejorg TJ-20G Toftejorg 3-A Rotary Sprayheads Toftejorg Sanijet20



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