Cleaner Tanks Equals Higher Yields

In the ethanol market, plant productivity is key. Without proper tank cleaning, stubborn residues, such as calcium deposits, build up slowly and begin to prevent plants from meeting production goals. Cleaning is an essential element in maintaining a high product yield as well as a high quality end product. Gamajet understands this, and has developed a fast and efficient tank cleaning method to enable ethanol plants to maximize their productivity.

Gamajet machines utilize a patented rotary impingement cleaning method, which provides repeatable and reliable results, offering the most effective and efficient form of automated tank cleaning. The durable design makes them the ultimate machine for the harsh ethanol environment.

Gamajet's quality machines and unrivaled service have created a buzz within the industry. Machines typically run 800 – 1000 hours before preventative maintenance is recommended. The machines are field-serviceable or can be sent to Gamajet for 48 hour turnaround times. With proper maintenance, your Gamajet will far outlast your tanks and vessels.


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Agri Systems
Arkalon Ethanol
Celunol Louisiana
Central Indiana Ethanol
Corn LP
Didion Ethanol
Fagen Inc.
Hawkeye Renewables
Kansas Ethanol

Aventine Renewable Energy
Biofuel Energy Corp.
Bushmills Ethanol
Prairie Horizon
Redfield Energy LLC
Siouxland Ethanol
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Decrease Cleaning Time
Reduce clogging and downtime
Reduce Water and Chemical Usage
Easy and Cost Effective to Maintain


Fermentation Tanks
Yeast Tanks
Storage Tanks
Processing Vessels
Tank trailers
Rail Cars 


Any and All including,
Calcium Deposits


Gamajet EZ-8
Gamajet IV
Gamajet PowerFLEX
Gamajet NanoJET


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