Tank cleaning devices for the toughest applications

When it comes to fuel storage, today's formulations present many challenges. The new fuels are more unstable or prone to contamination. With dirty tanks degrading fuel, tank owners are looking for answers. Often the solution requires completely cleaning the tank; a task made difficult by limited entry options into storage tanks. Fortunately, Alfa Laval Gamajet has created multiple products which clean any size fuel tank, quickly, thoroughly, and without cutting and entry. This efficient cleaning method utilizes the latest tank cleaning technology, because regardless of use, stored fuel, sitting in AST, UST or other portable storage, must perform as expected.

Our devices can also be used to polish the fuel. In many cases, the fuel is used as a cleaning agent, powering the fluid-driven cleaning device in its 360° pattern, scouring the tank clean. Tank owners and contractors are now turning to Alfa Laval Gamajet to solve their fuel tank challenges.


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Case Study: Gas Station’s Dirty Tanks Come Clean after Running Afoul of an Ethanol Blend

BP Exploration Inc.
Dialog E&C Sdn Bhd
Exxon Corporation
C&T Refinery
Caledonia Waste Oil
Fuchs Lubricant Canada Ltd.
Hess Oil Virgin Islands Corp.

Gulf South Systems
Halliburton Energy
Huntsman Petrochemical Corp.
Marathon Ashland Petroleum LLC
Texaco Lubricants
Shell Oil Company
Weavertown Environmental Group




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Eliminate hazardous confined space entry
Reduce water and cleaning agent usage
Decrease cleaning time by up to 85%
Lightweight for easy handling
Durable and long-lasting

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Under and above ground storage tanks, 55 Gallon Drums, refineries, tankers, DEF tank systems, totes and IBCs


Any and all including sludge and particulates

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