92 Percent Less Water Usage Facilitates Over $100,000 in Annual Water Savings

Tank Type: 4 Ribbon Blenders
Tank Residue: Processed Meats
Current Procedure: Tanks are filled with water and agitated, followed by manual cleaning, totaling 4 hours per tank, per day.
Tank Cleaning Downtime: 5,840 hours per year
Water Usage: 26,280,000 gallons per year

Solution: Gamajet steam operated pump powering 5 directional Gamajet V's operating at 15 gpm (per machine). Cleaning includes a 5 minute pre-rinse,10 minute wash and a final 5 minute rinse, totaling 20 minutes per tank.
Tank Cleaning Downtime: 486 hours per year
Water Usage: 2,190,000 gallons per year
Savings in Water Per Year 24,090,000 gallons: $112,000 ($.00469 per Gal)


92% Less Water & Chemicals
88% Less Time
$112K Saved on Water Per Year