Gamajets Delivers Zero Entry 400 Bbl Tank Cleaning

In 2008, Gamajet was contacted by a facilities engineer who was designing a new tank wash for a Northern Alberta TRD (Treatment, Recovery and Disposal) plant. The facility would handle a large number of trailers and tanks used to transport a wide range of oilfield chemicals, drilling fluids and waste and process all received materials down to clean water, recovered hydrocarbons and class 1 & 2 landfill.   A key design objective was for the cleaning process to be efficient, reliable and eliminate confined space entry. 

The facility was to handle a large quantity of 400 Bbl tanks and the common manual cleaning method was not viable. The local distributor, John Brooks Company, worked closely with the engineering and energy service companies to optimize the cleaning process using the Gamajet technology. The developed solution would use the  Gamajet E-Z VIII, configured for 85 gpm at 150 psi with a 19-20 minute cycle time. A custom cleaning rig was built to position the 400 Bbl tank over a recovery pit. The cleaning process would then usually begin with steaming to unfreeze valves, a common condition in Northern Alberta. The Gamajet E-Z VIII would then be inserted through the Thief hatch (8” inch opening) on a long lance and positioned in the center of the tank. The Gamajet would then be run for 2/3 to a full cycle covering the entire tank interior. The Gamajet could be repositioned for further cleaning to eliminate shadows caused by obstructions such as internal steam loops. The effluent was then cycled through the de-sludging and filtering processes and the cleaning water reused.


After several years of operations the Gamajets are cleaning even the toughest invert muds in less than 20 minutes and with a reliable and consistent cleaning pattern. Most importantly, manual entry to clean the tanks has been eliminated. The Gamajets have been on the job every day with no downtime and routine preventive maintenance is done on-site.  The bottom line is the TRD facility can process deliveries faster, turn around completely clean tanks while maintaining a safe and healthy work environment.