Optimized Processes Plus Gamajet Equals Millions in Savings

In an effort to avoid plant expansion, a major U.S. cosmetic manufacturer turned to the idea of optimizing their process. Although cleaning was not initially on their list to scrutinize, they eventually realized that using spray balls to clean their tanks was inefficient. The company turned to Gamajet for a possible solution to their dilemma.

The results were much more beneficial than expected. The company, located in Summerset, New Jersey, was cleaning 8 tanks, once a day with 3 spray balls at 60 gallons per minute and 80 psi. Working with a three inch tri-clover restriction, 3 Gamajet Aseptic VI machines were installed, operating at the same operating conditions of 80 psi and 60 gallons per minute (20 per machine). Due to the size of the blades and the addition of a “sweeper arm” 3 Gamajet machines were needed to ensure all areas of the tank were cleaned. The cleaning cycle included a 7 minute half cycle pre-rinse, a 14 minute full cycle re-circulated wash with a 1% caustic solution, and a final 7 minute half cycle rinse. The complete cleaning cycle took a total of 28 minutes between batches with two complete passes over the entire tank.


By decreasing the cleaning time by 69%, the facility was able to increase production at a rate of $3300 per hour, totaling $9.96 million per year. In addition, chemicals and water were reduced by 51%. The payback period was less than one week, versus the potential cost of a new facility.