The Nanojet 2.0: Exemplifying Gamajet’s Commitment to Customer-Driven Solutions

Gamajet’s longstanding commitment to innovation and product development is well-known. As the leading provider of tank cleaning machines in North America, the quality of the machinery is only matched by an exceptional devotion to the customer. In fact, the vast majority of Gamajet products were developed based on customer requests. When the team at Gamajet has an opportunity to help a customer solve a tank cleaning problem, it not only gets done to perfection, it gets done fast! This was the case yet again with the Nanojet 2.0.

One of the largest pharmaceutical companies in the world, and also a longtime Gamajet customer, contacted Gamajet with an issue. As much as they loved the Gamajet Nanojet, they felt that it required maintenance too frequently. They were manufacturing a very expensive drug, and any amount of processing tank downtime was lost revenue. However, when the machine wasn’t in need of repair it was a true workhorse. The Nanojet is a powerful tank cleaning machine that fits through a 2” access hole, which is exactly what the company was working with. The automated, fluid driven machine provides a 360 degree, reliable clean using rotary impingement technology. Dirty tanks are quickly scoured clean by high impact water jets, enabling companies to save time spent cleaning, as well as water and chemical usage. They machines clean so effectively that they eliminate the need for any manual cleaning.

However, that wasn’t good enough for Gamajet.

When the Sales Manager at Gamajet heard the complaint that the Nanojet was requiring frequent maintenance, he sounded an internal alarm notifying the entire team of the situation. Immediately, a thorough investigation of the existing units took place and the appropriate fix was determined. A plan was put together, a brand new product was created, and the new Nanojet 2.0 was shipped to the pharmaceutical company. All of this happened in the span of six weeks!

The Nanojet 2.0

Not only does the new Nanojet 2.0 have all the excellent features of the previous model, including the ability to fit through a 2” tri-clover access hole, it has a significantly improved lifespan. The Gamajet team also added some bonus features to the new model, including:

Needless to say, the pharmaceutical company was tremendously pleased with the quick delivery, top-notch engineering, and most of all Gamajet’s commitment to solving their tank cleaning dilemma. The introduction of the Nanojet 2.0 is a tremendous example of Gamajet’s ongoing dedication to product development driven by the customer, for the customer.