Testimonial: Top-Notch Barrel Cleaning
"We are an owner of the Gamajet All-in-one Flex and are very happy with its performance. Before we had your product we used a low pressure hot water spin nozzle to clean our barrels. This method was not doing the job. After reviewing a number of cleaning heads we choose the All-in-one Flex head because:

1. The methodical cleaning pattern. This was easy to see when we cleaned our plastic totes. We observed just how well the all-in-one Flex covered all areas of the vessel.
2. The amount of debris/water color we observed when the vacuum system pulled the water from the barrel. We weren't getting all of the titrates removed with the old system.
3. The short amount of time it takes to clean and empty each barrel, about 4-5 minutes total.

We are more confident today then ever that our barrels will be ready for the next batch of wine and there is no doubt our wines will be better from this point on.

Thanks for producing a great product!
Bill Heritage - Heritage Vineyards of Richwood