Cleaning Tanks in the Pulp & Paper Industry

Over 5,000 Gamajets are used by the world's largest paper mills, not only decreasing water usage by 99% but decreasing cleaning time from days to minutes. Through the use of impingement cleaning, boiling out has become an ancient technique.

Gamajet's patented automated rotary impingement tank cleaning is strong enough to remove the most stubborn paper stock. Durable in design, they are perfect for portable applications, meaning you can use a Gamajet throughout your entire process, from pulping to conversion, simply by attaching the Gamajet to the existing plant water systems.

Gamajets are often used during scheduled outages, allowing for quick insertion and safe, cost effective cleaning. Employees are then available to utilize their time and efforts in other areas, without hazardous consequences. Gamajets are also used during color and grade changes to eliminate the risk of cross contamination, meaning a better quality product. In a world where quality is the deciding factor, it is imperative to begin with a clean vessel.


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Alberta-Pacific Forest Industries
Blue Heron Paper Company
Celgar Pulp Company
E.B. Eddy Paper, Inc.
Federal Paper Board Company
Felix Schoeller Technical Papers
Flambeau River Papers LLC
Georgia-Pacific Corporation
International Paper Company
Kimberly Clark Corporation
Louisiana-Pacific Corporation
MacMillan Bloedel Ltd.

Norske Canada
North Pacific Paper Corporation
Procter & Gamble
Sonoco Products Company
Stablex Canada Inc.
Stora Enso North America
S.D. Warren Company
Wausau Paper Mills Company
Westvaco Kraft Division
Weyerhaeuser Canada Ltd.
Weyerhaeuser Paper Company
Willamette Industries, Inc. 







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Decrease cleaning time
Reduce risk of cross contamination, lumps, sheet breaks, and product loss
Reduce water and chemical usage
Reduce confined space entry


White Water Chests
Stock Chests
Broke Chests
Machine Pits
Size Tanks
Black Liquor Chests
Smoke Stacks
Bag Houses


Any and all including:
Paper Stock
Ink Color
Bacterial Growth


Gamajet IV
Gamajet VIII
Gamajet PowerFLEX
Gamajet IX
Directional Units

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