Clean your totes, IBCs, bulk containers, and shipping containers in 2-7 minutes

Designed to eliminate the need for manual cleaning, the Alfa Laval GJ 9 tote/IBC cleaning device uses water, solvent, or caustic to blast residues from the tote interior, in a precise, 360° pattern. The device is designed to clean totes/bulk containers in 2 – 7 minutes, including the hard-to-reach top corners. As the most widely used container for storing and transporting materials, faster and more effective cleaning of bulk/shipping containers provides a quick return on investment. Our patented rotary impingement cleaning technology ensures the entire tote interior is thoroughly cleaned in the most efficient manner, utilizing the least amount of resources including: time, energy, and wash fluid.

No pump? No problem. Our Toteblast Station is a complete, economical system that includes the Alfa Laval GJ 9, high pressure pump, custom inlet cover, and all the necessary hoses and fittings. Simply install the pump, hook up your supply lines, and your container is ready to be thoroughly cleaned in 2 – 7 minutes.


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Alfa Laval GJ 9
Alfa Laval Toteblast Station
Hose Reel

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Tote Cleaning Turnaround: Customer experienced full ROI within first week

Dana Container
Baker Hughes Petrolite 
International Flavoring & Fragrances
Mars Petcare
Omni Energy
Georgia Pacific
ICM Products
Ventura Foods
Davlyn Industries
Patheon Pharmaceuticals
...and many more.



PDF Brochure Download

PDF Brochure Download


Clean any tote, IBC, or container in only 2-7 minutes
Clean the entire container, including the tough-to-reach top corners
Clean a variety of residues
Affordable at an economical price


All processing industries, plastic or stainless steel: totes, IBCs, shipping containers, bulk containers


Paints, adhesives, chemicals
Food and beverage
Personal care
...and many more.

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