Customer Testimonials

We have dealt with Gamajet/Alfa Laval since 2010. Our experience with John March and his Team prove to be exceptional. John always calls first to see if he can troubleshoot the problem over the phone to avoid having you ship the Gamajet Spray Cleaner to their location for Service Repair. There are no surprises; we are always provided with a Quote which entails the complete Parts Breakdown and Labour Costs for review/approval prior to the Service Repair on the unit. The Cost is always true to the Quote. A Birth Certificate is provided with Repair for our records. It’s also our experience that Gamajet/Alfa Laval stands behind their Warranty. Lastly, the turnaround time is remarkable; as a manufacturing company, the Gamajet Spray Cleaners are critical to our day-to-day operation.

Kindest Regards, A trusted Industrial Customer

As manager of a railcar repair and cleaning facility, it is vital to our operations that all equipment is of highest quality, and built to last. The Gamajet system is just that, a leader in its field. Not only that, but the 24 hour turn-around time from Gamajet’s service technicians is just as vital to our operations. They do a quality job every time.

We have been using the Gamajet 5 and 8 jetheads for numerous years and they have proven reliable under continuous and strenuous use when exposed to cleaning solvents. The company’s I&R service program (repairing clogged heads rather than replacing them) saves our company money by quickly refurbishing equipment in an efficient and cost saving manner. Gamajet associates are both helpful and knowledgeable on their products and possible applications.

Plant Manager | Paint and chemical company


The Service program at Gamajet is best-in-class, and it's because of the people. They are responsive, thorough, knowledgeable, and 110% committed to customer satisfaction.

Matt Taylor | Cleancut LLC

We always get a response right away. We always get the device back right away. We really appreciate it!

Doug Kensey | South St. Paul Truck Wash

We are very pleased with the turnaround time. Thanks for the great job, we will be sending you all nozzles for service from now on!

Engineer at chemical company

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