How it works


Patented Design: Reliable, durable, easy to use and maintain

Alfa Laval employs a team of engineers dedicated to the research and development of tank cleaning devices. The process begins with an initial concept and design criteria, whether it be a rotary impingement cleaner small enough to fit through a 2" tri-clover connection or meet the requirements of 3-A sanitation standards. Once the the concept is conceived, the machine enters into the engineering phase where our engineers use the latest and most advanced software for mechanical and fluid engineering, such as Solid Works and CF Design.

This initial phase focuses on precision, where each part is designed in Solidworks CAD Software. After the models are generated, the engineers analyze the design using CF Design, a computational fluid dynamics software, to verify the design criteria for the unit is being met. At this point, the machine can then be redesigned to eliminate flow blockages or lower the turbulence of the wash fluid passing through the unit.

After the initial design and engineering phase, prototypes are made and the design is proven for fit and function. Some prototypes are dedicated to endurance testing while others go to engineering for further research and development testing for things such as cycle time and impact, as well as ease of use.

Durability and Maintenance

In endurance testing, we run the machine to failure and analyze the root cause of the failure. Additional changes are made to ensure failure is only the result of a standard wear part, such as an o-ring, and does not  occur until at least 800 continuous hours have commenced. If the machine cannot meet this high standard, it's back to the drawing board. In addition, all parts are designed to be field serviceable, meaning customers can repair their own devices onsite. Many automated tank cleaners require unique tools and require a significant amount of time to maintain and repair the machines. It is a design criteria to ensure that these machines never require special tools or advanced training to service them.

After Production Development

Thousands of hours are spent developing and testing machines. Even after a machine is developed to our high standards, engineers are assigned to continue the research and development process, continually trying to perfect the design. We honestly believe that there is always room for progress as we strive for perfection.




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