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A Team Develops an Ideal Approach to Cleaning Lift Stations

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At the 2009 Pump Cleaner Trade Show, Ryland Holmes of Virginia Public Works Equipment was looking for a better way to clean lift stations. His customers in the Tidewater region of Virginia were struggling with grease problems in their lift stations and needed an effective way to resolve their issues without demanding more of their manpower or budget. Ryland stopped by the Gamajet booth, and as he watched the display, he realized that impingement cleaning might be the solution to the problem. He began a dialog with the Gamajet team to find out how the Gamajet’s could clean the lift stations. It was soon determined that the Gamajet EZ-8 would work his customer’s jetters and combo-trucks who were experiencing the FOG problems.

Once a solution was developed, the next step was to gain buy in from the various authorities by showing them how it would work. A demonstration was scheduled to clean a lift station in the Tidewater region. Attendees included members of the City of Virginia Beach Department of Utilities, as well as other local municipalities and sewer authorities. A GAMAJET EZ-8 with 9/32” nozzles and configured for 80 gpm and 300 psi was used with the departments jetter truck. After the Gamajet finished its first cycle in 12 minutes the wet well was clean. Another ½ cycle was run to further decimate the grease pad, which could then be easily suctioned into a combo truck or washed down stream. All was done without anyone entering the lift station, eliminating the time consuming confined space entry riggings. Everyone was impressed and City of Virginia Beach purchased a Gamajet. With the addition of Gamajets to their maintenance toolkit, the Tidewater authorities are able to stay ahead of their lift station problems, provide better service to their constituents, increase safety, and reduce demand on their resources.

Written by Ryland Holmes (Virginia Public Works Equipment) and Michael Delaney (Gamajet Cleaning Systems)



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