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There are two types of cleaning solutions, portable and permanently installed. Facilities which require cleaning at a high frequency tend to utilize a permanently installed Gamajet tank cleaning machine, whereas facilities that clean less regularly lean towards a portable tank cleaning solution. This allows for the purchase of one unit, to clean a variety of tanks. However, the design of a tank, rarely incorporates clean-ability, meaning inlets and entry ways are rarely in an ideal location for optimal cleaning. For portable tank cleaning applications, regular tank entry, or climbing to the top of a tank to suspend the Gamajet Portable Tank Cleaning Machine could become burdensome and counter productive. As a result Gamajet has come up with the Gamajet Portable Cart or Gamajet Tripod.

Safe, Portable Tank Cleaning Solution: Reach the center of a tank with a side man-way without confined space entry

Variety of Applications: Wine, Brewing, Chemical, Food and Beverage and More.



Compatible Portable Tank Cleaning Machines: Gamajet IV, VIII, and PowerFLEX

Materials: 316L Stainless Steel; Polyolefin Wheels

Length: 18" (457 mm)

Height: 9" (229 mm)

Width: 13" (330 mm)

Weight: 12lbs (5.5 kg)

Inlet Connections: 2" NPT-Male

How it Works: Thread the Gamajet on the top 2" NPT Male inlet and your hose on the side 2" NPT Male Inlet . Once everything is in place the devicemay be be rolled to the desired cleaning location within the tank.


Portable Cart Engineering Diagrams PDF

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