Gamajet 7

GAMAJET 7 Tank Cleaning Machine
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The Smallest Rotary Impingement Tank Cleaner

The Alfa Laval Gamajet 7 tank cleaning machine is a small, powerful unit ideal for cleaning all types of barrels, drums and small vessels. It eliminates extensive handling by offeringone-step, one-insertion cleaning. The Alfa Laval Gamajet 7 can deliver fast “as new” cleaning in less than two minutes, and works especially well in tough cleaning situations involving wine, paint, and other difficult to clean materials. The combination of rugged, long-lasting design, powerful jet spray cleaning; and field serviceability have long made Gamajet the first choice for cleaning among the world’s best known companies. The Alfa Laval Gamajet 7 represents a major technological break-through, offering the most powerful cleaning in a compact, easy to handle size. Capable of running with the pressure and flow of your standard pressure washer.

Features and benefits:

Smallest rotary impingement tank cleaner: 1.5” (38 mm) clearance
Operates at both high and low pressures
Powerful: 5 lbs (2.5 kg) of cleaning force at 2.5’ (0.75 m)

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Product servicing

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