Gamajet Bullet IV 105 Degree Directional Tank Cleaning Machine

Gamajet Bullet IV

105 Degree Directional Cleaning for the Toughest Residues on the Bottom of the Tank

Need to the clean the bottom of a tank fast and effectively? Look no further than the NEW Gamajet Bullet IV for tough, targeted cleaning of sludge, oil, or any type of residual debris that collects at the bottom of large tanks, open-top tanks, process vessels and trailers. The Gamajet Bullet rotates in a tight 105 degree downward pattern, with high impact water jets scouring the bulls eye area of the tank, quickly and effectively cleaning residual heels and difficult debris. Built with durability, strength, and performance in mind, residues don’t stand a chance against this machine.


The Bullet IV features Gamajet’s patented rotary impingement cleaning process. This process optimizes the water or cleaning solution driving the device, providing the maximum force from the jet stream leaving the nozzles and contacting the interior of the tank. The machine then moves the jet streams in a rotational pattern to cover the entire inside of the tank or vessel in a repeatable and reliable manner. The design of the machine not only ensures durability but efficiency as well. A minimal and controlled amount of leakage allows the machine to clean itself, while the majority of the fluid reaches the actual contour of the tank, scouring and cascading bit by bit.


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Clean open top vessels without waste and over-spray
Puts the powerful cleaning force, directly where needed
Operate within the same parameters as the 360-degree machines



Gamajet Bullet IV Engineering Diagrams

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