GAMAJET EZ-8 Tank Cleaning Machine

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GAMAJET EZ-8 Tank Cleaning Machine

The Lightest, Most Powerful, Large Tank Cleaning Machine

The GAMAJET EZ-8, also known as the GAMAJET VIII, provides the same flow as traditional, larger tank cleaners, but this new unit is lightershorter, and narrower for much easier entry and maneuverability and offers unparalleled ease of handling in a wide variety of tank cleaning applications.

Smaller in diameter than any other fluid driven unit with similar flow characteristics the GAMAJET EZ-8 does not require any power assists.It fits through small openings while maintaining the flow required to clean larger vessels and its light weight and smaller size makes it easy to move and handle.

The versatility of this machine when it comes to pressure and flow make it ideal for most large tank cleaning applications


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Light-weight, compact large tank cleaner.
Powerful: 40lbs (18 kg) of cleaning force at 25’ (7.5 m)
Reliable, non-clogging, durable design
Directional option
New Horizontal cleaning option with the
Sidewinder Horizontal Cleaner



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