Gamajet BB

Cleans your Barrels Right, the First Time, Faster and with Less Water, Bung Down.

The Alfa Laval Gamajet BB combines high performance impingement with dramatically increased durability that provides a service life 3 times longer than the best existing cleaning machine. The fluid-driven Alfa Laval Gamajet BB requires no external power supply and features the same impingement cleaning technology and performance as the widely recognized Gamajet 7 Barrel Blaster. It also combines heavy-duty stainless steel construction with a larger gear train (that remains outside the barrel during cleaning) to provide exceptional durability. With a single insertion you can achieve 100% cleaning effectiveness quick and easily. The Alfa Laval Gamajet BB is easily attached to a bi-pod mount for traditional bung hole down cleaning. A ball valve attached to the mount allows for convenient water control directly to the bi-pod. Usable with all existing storage/rack systems, the Alfa Laval Gamajet BB provides exceptional barrel cleaning convenience. Users can reliably clean barrels without ever lifting a barrel.


Features and benefits:

Cleans barrels and 55 gallon drums in 2-3 minutes

Uses only 8-12 gallons (30-45l) of water per barrel/drum

Heavy-duty, durable design

Product servicing

Product manual

Product servicing

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