GAMAJET NANOJET 2.0 Flow-through Sanitary Tank Cleaning Machine

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GAMAJET NANOJET 2.0 Tank Cleaning Machine

Flow-through Sanitary Tank Cleaning Machine

Focused on product development and engineering, our operations team is dedicated to evolving our product line and improving upon existing machines. The newest addition to the Gamajet product line is the NanoJet 2.0. A direct result of customizing machines to the needs of our customers, the NanoJet 2.0 was created as a solution for pharmaceutical cleaning needs but works cohesively in any sanitary environment. Self-cleaning, self-flushing, and self-lubricating, the machine requires no oil or grease in the gear train and can withstand higher flow rates resulting in higher impact cleaning. It is also resistant to deionized water—all while maintaining a longer shelf life than its prototype.  
Capable of both permanent and portable installation, the NanoJet 2.0 is ideal for effective cleaning of small tanks up to 10’ in diameter in a repeatable and reliable 360˚ pattern. Like other Gamajet tank-cleaning machines, the NanoJet 2.0 is entirely fluid-driven with no external motors therefore eliminating the need for power assistance.



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Sanitary design
Fits through a 2” standard sanitary fitting
Available with an adjustable tri-clover
Operates at low pressures
Deionized water-resistant



Personal Care
Food and Beverage


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Exemplifying Gamajet’s Commitment to Customer-Driven Solutions

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