Gamajet CartKlenzR

Hands-Free, 100% Cleaning of Carts and Wheelie Bins

Bin cleaning was never this easy. The Gamajet Cart KlenzR is a hands-free cleaning approach to rapid bin and cart cleaning. The patented rotary impingement cleaning, utilizes power, rather than time and chemicals to clean 100% of the bin in under 90 seconds. 

The system operates off of a standard pressure washer at 4 gpm (18 L). Hot or cold water is up to you. Single or Dual stations are available, as are custom sizes. There is no easier or faster way to clean your carts or wheelie bins.


Fast: Clean any cart in less than 90 seconds
Effective: Clean the entire bin, even built up residues
Eliminate Odors
Hands-Free: No back splashing or scrubbing

Easy to Use: No operator exposure


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