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EvacuBlast Wine Barrel Cleaning System

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In Place Barrel Cleaning

Racked or Stacked, Bung Up

Fast and Efficient Barrel

Cleaning Forget about the old methods of moving and turning your barrels when it comes time to clean them. Eliminate the time-consuming and labor-intensive task of unstacking your racks. With the Evacu-Blast you can achieve rapid cleaning and turnaround of your stacked barrels without unstacking them.

The Evacu-Blast incorporates everything you need to clean your barrels, all packaged in a convenient transport cart. An integrated vacuum system, combined with a custom extractor wand (or optional flexible braided s/s hose), can be used to remove the wine for racking and then to remove the lees and cleaning solution. A high pressure pump supplies cleaning solution to a Gamajet All-in-One FLEX* cleaning head which provides superior removal of tartrates and other contaminants. The Evacu-Blast will leave your barrels 100% clean. 


  Watch a Video on Wine Tank and Barrel Cleaning



Length: 45” (1.14 m) 

Width: 32” (.81 m) 

Height: 38” (.96 m)

Weight: 250 lbs (113.40 kg)



Operating Requirements/Range:

Electrical Requirements:
220/440 v, 3 phase, 25/13 amps (switchable)

Air Requirements: 20 psig, < 5 scfm

Flow Rate: 0 to 28 gpm
(0-106.0+ l/min)


Components Included:

  • Gamajet All-In-One FLEX (AIO (Straight) is also Available)
  • High Pressure Supply Side In-line Y-Strainer
  • Air Operated Suction Pump
  • 50 feet of 3/4” diameter clear hose
  • Portable Electric High Pressure Washer that features:
    • 6 HP, 2750 PSI Max, 4.2 GPM, 3x 220V/16 Amps, with:
    • 10 Ft. electrical cord
    • Integrated unloader and safety valve to prevent overpressure
    • Insulated trigger gun with safety lock and quick connect dual lance and 50’ of high pressure hose
    • Heavy duty, stainless steel cabinet
    • Stainless steel cart for easy maneuverability
    • Accepts hot water up to 175°F (Hot Water Pressure Washer Available)
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