MCIP Series: Mobile CIP Cleaning Systems


Conceptualized, Designed, Engineered and Manufactured CIP Systems by Gamajet, The Tank Cleaning Experts.

When cleaning tanks, the solution starts with the tank, not your plant infrastructure. With a Gamajet cleaning machine, your tanks will be cleaned in the most efficient, effective and verifiable manner. To support this revolutionary technology, you do not need to install an expensive CIP cleaning system and incur all of the infrastructure costs associated with installation and plumbing.

Gamajet’s MCIP series provides optimal cleaning performance by delivering the required pressure and flow for efficient tank cleaning at a fraction of the cost. Each system is tailored for your specific needs, based on your tank cleaning application. Cleaning tanks begins with choosing the proper tank cleaning machine(s). Therefore designing a CIP system needs follow the selection of the appropriate tank cleaning method, not the other way around. Providing the proper CIP system to power the Gamajet will guarantee an efficient and thorough cleaning process for your tank cleaning requirements. As tank cleaning specialists with decades of experience in tank cleaning, Gamajet can provide you with the best tank cleaning solution from start to finish.


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Non-Intrusive to your Plant Infrastructure
Designed around your Tank Cleaning Needs
Efficient and Effective


Case Study:

Over $5 million in Recovered Revenue at Pharmaceutical Plant
Reduced Chemical Usage and Time Spent Cleaning at a Personal Care Plant
Personal Care Plant Decreases Operating Costs, Increases Productivity

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