Alfa Laval GJ ToteBlast Station

Clean any tote or bulk container in 2-7 minutes

This complete tote/bulk container cleaning system utilizes our patented rotary impingement technology designed to blast residue from the container interior, in a precise, global indexing pattern. Our 100% guaranteed cleaning technology ensures the entire bulk container is thoroughly cleaned in the most efficient manner, utilizing the least amount of resources including: time, energy, and wash fluid.

The Toteblast Station comes equipped with everything you need to set up a tote cleaning system.


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Cleaning Totes and IBCs: Fast, Affordable and Effective

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Tote Cleaning Turnaround: Totes are cleaner than ever and the Gamajet paid for itself in one week

Dana Container
Baker Hughes Petrolite 
International Flavoring & Fragrances
Mars Petcare
Omni Energy
Georgia Pacific
ICM Products
Ventura Foods
Davlyn Industries
Patheon Pharmaceuticals
...and many more.


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Fast: Clean any tote in 2-7 minutes
Clean the entire tote, including the top and corners
Powerful: Clean a variety of residues
Affordable:  A fraction of the cost of CIP systems 


Bulk container
Shipping container
In all industries


Any and All including:
Paints, Adhesives, Chemicals
Petroleum products
Food and Beverages products and ingredients
Pharmaceutical products and ingredients
Personal Care products and ingredients products
And many more.


Alfa Laval GJ 9
Alfa Laval GJ Toteblast Station

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