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GAMAJET IV GT technical specs

Operating Range:

Pressure: 20 to 500 psi (1.4 to 34.0 bar) standard model
20 to 700+ psi (47.6 bar) high pressure model

Temperature: -60° to 250°F (-29° to 121°C)

Flow Rate: 30 to 320 gpm (114 to 1211 l/min) 

Cleaning Radius: 100' (30.48 Meters)

Wash Cycle Time: 3 to 30 Minutes

Nozzle Rotation Speed: 2 to 20 rpm

Impact: 85 lbs (39 kg) at 25' (7.5 m)

Overall Dimensions:

Height: 12.2" (309.88 mm)

Diameter: 4.2" (106.68 mm)

Width: 6.1" (154.94 mm) including nozzle housing

Clearance Dimensions:

Pin Drive: Dual: 12.7" (322.58 mm) 
Triple: 11.5" (292.1 mm)

Optional Clutch Drive: Dual: 6.7" (170.18 mm) 
Triple: 9.6" (243.84 mm)

Weight: Dual: 28 lb (12.7 kg) 
Triple: 29 lb. (13.2 kg)

Dual Inlet Connection:
Standard: 2" NPT female and 2 1/2" quick disconnect male
Optional: 2" NPT female and 2 1/2" NST (NH) hose thread male

Other Options:

Directional Units

Bronze Castings

High Impact Nozzles 


Other Specifications: 

Construction / Design: New Features: Streamlined turbine and internal flow passages, including a patented porting design that significantly improves efficiency.

Castings: Investment cast parts of type 316 stainless steel ensure consistent strength & quality for higher pressure ratings.

Shafts: Rotor shaft and gearbox shafts are made of hardened stainless steel. For increased wear resistance, the rotor shaft is supplied with a plasma-sprayed ceramic or other protective coating. The rotor shaft is also fitted with a polished carbide thrust washer for added durability.

Bearings, Shaft: Rotor shaft bearings are tungsten carbide. Gearbox shaft bearings in flo-thru (oilless) gearboxes are PTFE or other non-cupric materials. Standard bearings in oil-lubricated gearboxes are Oilite bronze with nonmetallic bearings available as an option.

Seals, Static: O-ring materials are selected for each application. Viton is standard.

Drive Gears: A new gear system of improved design and construction is incorporated in Gamajet IV "GT" models for

increased wear life: All gears are manufactured entirely of selected stainless steel alloys and the two bottom gears are fitted with long-life tungsten carbide thrust washers.

Lubrication, Gearbox: Sealed: Oil-lubricated machines have a sealed gearbox filled with FDA approved oil.

Flo-thru: The flo-thru gearbox is lubricated by the cleaning solution. With this option, maintenance of gearbox seals is eliminated.

Lubrication, Waterside: A controlled amount of the cleaning solution is permitted to flow through the tee and nozzle housing bearings for lubrication and cooling.

Self-Cleaning Provisions: A low-pressure bypass system keeps the bevel gears and other internal parts flushed free of debris that could interfere with proper functioning.

Nozzles: Interchangeable nozzles are now available in twelve sizes from 5/8" (15.9mm) down to .177" (4.5 mm). Nozzle sizes of 1/4" (6.35 mm) and smaller are offered with new tungsten carbide inserts for improved jet wear at high pressures.


Powerful: Up to 100lbs (45 kg) of cleaning force

Cleans up to a 100ft (30.48 m) radius

Heavy-duty, durable design

Flo-thru and directional options


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