Alfa Laval TJ40G Rotary Jet Head


The TJ40G rotary jet head provides 3D indexed impact cleaning over a defined period. It is automatic and represents a guaranteed means of achieving quality assurance in tank cleaning. Used in breweries, food and dairy processes and many other industries with a strict demand for hygienic tank cleaning. The device is suitable for processing, storage tanks and vessels between 50 and 500 m3 and industries that require a certain level of hygienic design.

The TJ40G is the best-in-class in hygienic design and tank cleaning performance.



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  60% faster cleaning = more time for production
  High impact cleaning in a 360° repeatable cleaning pattern
  Control of CIP through validated cleaning
  Saves up 70% of your cleaning cost
  Hygienic  safety by reliable and predictable cleaning performance


Although our tank cleaning machines are designed for durability, periodic maintenance keeps the world’s best tank cleaning machines performing at their peak.
For an extended shelf life of your tank cleaning machine, preventative maintenance every 250 - 500 hours is advised. If you take proper care, your machine(s) will far outlast your tanks.
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