Tank Cleaning Experts in the Oilfields

Alfa Laval Gamajet tank cleaning devices are quickly becoming recognized in the oilfields throughout the world, mainly because of how well they clean mud tanks, frac tanks, 400 Bbl tanks, storage tanks, vac trucks, totes and everything in between. Not only do they provide a highly effective clean, they accomplish these results without the need for confined space entry for manual cleaning. They also save tremendous amounts of time spent cleaning, while using the same or less water than other common methods. Ask us for an ROI and we can show you the savings you can expect.

Working hand in hand with numerous companies in the oil and gas industry, we've developed a full line of tank cleaning equipment that covers a vast spectrum of applications, from drilling on land to offshore, from the equator to the arctic. Give us your most difficult tank to clean—we’re up to the challenge!


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Atco Marine Corp
Atlantic Tank Ships
Baker Hughes
Bourg Drydock
BP Exploration Inc.
C&T Refinery
Caledonia Waste Oil
Clean Harbors
Cleveland Tankers
Conoco Phillips
Exxon Corp
Fuchs Lubricants Canada Ltd.
Gulf South Systems
Halliburton Energy
Hess Oil Virgin Islands Corp.

Huntsman Petrochemical Corp.
Lepricon Dinamica
Marathon Ashland Petroleum LLC
Millen Marine
Newpark Shipbuilding and Drydock
Norfolk Shipbuilding
O.M.I Corp
S.B.A Shipyards, Inc.
Shell Oil Co.
Texaco Lubricants Co.
Omni Energy
Weavertown Environmental Group
…and many more




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Eliminate hazardous confined space entry
Reduce water and cleaning agent usage
Decrease cleaning time by up to 85%
Lightweight for easy handling
Durable and long-lasting

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400 bbl, crude carriers, cuttings boxes, frac tanks, fuel storage tanks, ISO tanks, mud tanks, MPTs, process vessels, totes/shipping containers


Any and all including: crude oil, drilling muds, oil and greases, petroleum sludge



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