Sanitary Tank Cleaners and CIP Cleaning Systems

Through extensive research and the collaboration with leading pharmaceutical companies, Alfa Laval Gamajet has revolutionized the tank cleaning process by providing rotary impingement cleaning to the pharmaceutical industry. Our machines are able to decrease costs and increase productivity in validatable manner, without the cost of updating plant infrastructures. Alfa Laval Gamajet's patented technology ensures every vessel, regardless of size, shape, or internal obstruction is entirely clean, every time. Our devices are also designed to drastically reduce times spent cleaning and water usage. We work directly with you to develop customized tank cleaning solutions, tailored to your requirements, resulting in the most effective and efficient tank cleaning process. Plant evaluations are performed upon request, with no additional costs.

Our goal is to enable companies to increase productivity while decreasing costs. After implementing our world-renowned tank and tote cleaning devices to their process, our customers experience:

  • 80% decrease in water and solvent usage
  • 85% reduction in time spent cleaning
  • 20% increase in plant productivity
  • 100% elimination of confined space entry for manual cleaning


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Additional benefits:

Prevent cross-contamination
Validate cleaning
Best-in-class technical support
Next-day shipping on all orders


Fermenters, coaters, blenders, v-blenders, fluid-bed systems, bins, drums, totes/IBCs, assorted storage containers and more!



Any and all including: APIs, antibiotics, xanthan gum, excipients, powders, titanium dioxide and more!



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