Hands-Free Cleaning of Portable Restrooms

Clean the Cabin and the Holding Tank in Minutes

Portable restroom cleaning doesn't get any easier than this. Gamajet's all-in-one Gamajet IX Cleaning System has helped make one of the world's dirtiest jobs simpler and faster, drastically lowering costs of water and man hours.

With the Gamajet IX Cleaning System you can clean any porta potty in less than 10 minutes without brushing or spraying. The system has custom made stands and covers to fit within the cabin, as well as fitted suction pipes, allowing you to just insert the Gamajet into the porta potty and close the door.

Applying impingement cleaning to the portable restroom industry has saved companies thousands of dollars. The powerful rotating jet of water projected from the Gamajet IX in a 360 degree pattern quickly cleans the unit interior and holding tank, in a fast and efficient manner using less time and water than other methods. Even tip-overs are a breeze to clean using a Gamajet IX Cleaning System.

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Fast: Clean any the holding tank and the cabin in under 10 minutes
Clean the entire holding tank, including the top
Powerful: Clean the dirtiest of restrooms, including tip-overs
Safer Hands-Free cleaning
No backsplash spray


Portable Restroom Holding Tank and Cabin Wheelie Bins and Carts


Any and All


Gamajet IX
Gamajet Portable Restroom Cleaning System




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