How to service or repair your Gamajet or Toftejorg tank cleaning device

Although Gamajet and Toftejorg machines are designed for durability, periodic maintenance keeps the world’s best tank cleaning machines performing at their peak. For an extended shelf life of your device, preventative maintenance every 800-1,000 hours is advised. If you take proper care, your machine(s) will far outlast your tanks.

Send your device in to our experienced team for expert service or repair. With this option you will receive:

    • 24-48* hour turnaround
    • Renewed warranty
    • Ultrasonic cleaning
    • Complete machine inspection and quotation
    • Hydraulic testing at your operation conditions

Ready to get started? Simply download this form, complete each field and send it in with your device.


DIY/Do-it-yourself in the field with the expertise of our service team just a phone call away.

Download your device's owner's manual for instructions. Click here to replace worn parts or order rebuild kits.

*24-48 hour turnaround is guaranteed for ALL Gamajet machines and the following Toftejorg machines: TJ 20G, TZ-66, TZ-67, TZ-68, TZ-74, TZ-75, TZ-79, and TZ-82.


    "We are very pleased with the turnaround time. Thanks for the great job, we will be sending you all nozzles for service from now on!"

    -Chemical company engineer

    "The service program is best-in-class, and it's because of the people. They are responsive, thorough, knowledgeable and 110% committed to customer satisfaction."

    -Sales manager at distribution company


PDF Brochure Download

PDF Brochure Download

PDF Brochure Download

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